L&L is a company specialized in building plants for the production of energy from wind and water sources  with constant focus on environment sustainability.

Set up in 2014, it is the combination of experiences, relationships and expertise of Anna Lazzari and Imerio Lucchini, two businesspersons who share a strong passion, dedication and determination for their job.

Anna, careful and precise, with strong inter-relational skills, has, from the beginning of her career, been a successful entrepreneur in the renewable energy and wind-energy sector, in which she has worked since 1998.

Imerio, a big sports fan and an eclectic person, is a historic Brescia manufacturer, who has been investing for years now in the hydroelectricpower industry. He has always had a passion for cycling and green energy.

The meeting between the two has inevitably translated into a fusion of energy, will, experience, dynamism and determination in achieving a leadership position for L&L. Both are attracted by constantly new challenges, but what never goes missing is the ethics with which each project is developed.

Anna Lazzari e Imerio Lucchini
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"Our goal is to play a leading role in the field of renewable energy."



We deal with all aspects of the project, from direct relations with suppliers right up to plant delivery, managing any kind of complexity and critical condition.


We take complete responsibility for our projects. Therefore, we are able to offer risk-free investments.


Every single project is handled by our juridical, analytical, organizational, technical and financial pool of experts.


Values are the main core of our job.

Our effort is to make sure they remain a cornerstone of our company’s daily business.

Sustainable Development

Research & Development

Passion for our work

Continuous Improvement

We believe in sustainable growth and we work to craft a better future for our children. We are committed every day in order to guide the public towards the use of renewable sources. To do this, we organize events for  schools, support sport and generally promote the importance of widespread production of electricity from wind and water.

renewable sources are a crucial tool for promoting an alternative production system and ensuring the reliability of energy supplies. This way, individual countries would enjoy greater energy independence, but it would also mean stronger commitment towards a more sustainable environment.


GThe goals we set ourselves daily are concrete and shared with clients, partners and investors.

That's what makes L&L a safe, organized and efficient company.

Contribute to a shared well-being

Bring innovation and progress

Create value for stakeholders

The design and complete construction of wind and hydroelectric plants with low environmental impact, harmonization with the context in which they are located and the social enhancement of the surrounding district are the essential elements that make L&L a secure, responsible and reliable company for all stakeholders.

Thanks to the specificity of its products and services, L&L also creates responsible business for investors too by providing them with economic-financial benefits.

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