L&L designs and builds “turnkey” wind-power and hydroelectric plants distributed throughout Italy.

Projects are developed internally, by seeking within the country projects licensed and authorized for real feasibility.
Thanks to its managers, L&L is able to widely exploit the natural sources which Italy offers and build high-performance plants with low environmental impact and a specific analysis for each site, with assessment of feasibility and yield.

L&L is synonymous with professionalism, expertise, innovation and solidity with regard to 3 types of plants:



Pre-feasibility analysis: to make sure expected production levels and plant building costs are such as to ensure an interesting return on investment. If the result is positive, the process continues;


Due diligence is done by external consultants: Legal Department and Technical Department.


The positive outcome of due diligence results in the purchase of the land and in tenders and sub-contracts awarded to suppliers for the construction of the plant.


The choice of the right technology for the specific site analysed, the relations existing in the area involved and an analysis of critical aspects are most definitely a part of the most delicate stage of the process as a whole.



L&L’s role is crucial in order to comply with plant authorization and completion schedules, including in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the incentives.
Once the plant has been connected up to the supply network, formalities begin with the Customs Office to apply for an electrical workshop licence and with the GSE to obtain the incentive and sign the agreement.
Thanks to its expertise and experience in the industry, L&L is able to choose the plant and build it according to all the characteristics of the licences, before carrying out all necessary tests.
The process ends with the incentive application and the signing of the agreement with GSE.
L&L plays an important role as General Contractor in charge of coordinating all the sub-contractors, and making sure the client achieves the expected result.