L&L for education

L&L for education

Courage, then, little soldier of the immense army! Your books are your arms, your class is your squadron, the field of battle is the whole earth, and the victory is human civilization.

(Edmondo De Amicis)

Since, as almost always happens, practice is much more important than theory and one fact convinces more than a thousand words, L&L SpA is committed all year round to spreading the knowledge of the energies naturally diffused on the planet, proposing educational workshops and projects for primary and secondary school students.

In fact, it is one thing to explain the energy cycle to children and young people and make them aware of the correct use of energy sources, it is another to let them “get their hands dirty”: every opportunity is good to organise educational workshops for both primary schools and older children.
By way of example, in January 2018 – on the day dedicated to the First® Lego® League competition – L&L SpA built a Lego city with a river and hydroelectric power plant, guiding the children in the construction of the most important parts of the power plant (turbine and bulkhead) and making them play with water to answer their “what if?” and their countless “why?”.

The result of the day is that the children learned – having a lot of fun – what a hydroelectric power station is, how it works and why renewable energies are so important for their future.