L&L for sport

Sport goes looking for fear in order to dominate it, exhaustion to triumph over it, difficulty to overcome it.

(Pierre de Coubertin)

Sport is a perfect metaphor for life: it follows a path and encounters obstacles that help to improve oneself in order to give the best of oneself; it also has the ability to make the concept of ambition mature in each person, as well as that of stimulating them to get to the bottom of things and to commit themselves to achieving their goals.

In other words, sport is respect, loyalty, commitment, perseverance and sacrifice: all very important values which, if discovered and trained with sport, are more easily applicable in all other areas of life.
And it is precisely in the same values that L&L SpA identifies itself, which is why it has launched sponsorship and support projects for teams of both professional and amateur level.

our teams

Basket 2000 San Giorgio

A feminine basket team from Mantua, promoted in B series in 2017.