Our values


People are at the very core of all of our actions. We are convinced that every success is the synthesis of great teamwork, the crossroads of common objectives, aspirations, different points of view and individual skills that are expressed and projected on a shared path and in the activities we carry out together, in each and every project.

L&L recognizes the primary value of human resources, promotes and pursues respect for the autonomy of individuals and the importance of their participation, at multiple levels, in business dynamics and processes.

Our work is oriented to promoting the professional growth of each individual. The skills of each individual are at the service of everyone, of the entire organization, in relation and exchange with the skills and personal goals of everyone else.


As a company, we have taken on a very clear responsibility that forms the basis and compass of our every choice: to defend the planet and protect what surrounds us, including people, communities and local areas. These are plural, physical and geographical living entities, with which we interact daily and of which we form part. L&L is aware of its role, of the importance and impact of the Group’s activities on economic and social transformation and on the quality of life of local areas. Safeguarding the environment is our priority and the tool we have chosen to contribute to sustainable development and the development of virtuous circular economic models. We realize projects with a low environmental impact, harmonizing each with the context in which it will be developed and inserted. These are the essential elements that make L&L and its subsidiaries a reliable, responsible Group.


At the root of the relationships we establish, inside and outside of the Group, is always the concept of transparency. L&L is committed to maintaining continuous dialogue with all stakeholders, whether public or private, and to exchanging information in a clear and complete way, in the awareness that sharing knowledge, objectives and results is essential to maximize value and reduce business risks.

We carry out our work with responsibility, integrity, fairness and good faith, respecting the principles of our Code of Ethics and national and international regulations.


To guarantee utmost performance for partners, collaborators and suppliers, we subject each production step to strict quality controls. Careful, constant monitoring allows us to achieve the highest production standards, reliable continuity in the supply of services, and the quick, resolutive management of problems. We put into practice responsible business models, capable of creating value for both the environment and investors.

Our great technological challenge, on which we constantly work, is the mitigation of any environmental impacts of our activities, having as a focus the smart use of resources and improvements in the functional and productive efficiency of our plants.