Small wind turbine

“As yet, the wind is an untamed, and unharnessed force; and quite possibly one of the greatest discoveries hereafter to be made, will be the taming, and harnessing of the wind.”

(Abraham Lincoln, 1860)

Wind energy

Wind energy is a clean, economical and multi-purpose source of electricity. The production of energy deriving from small wind turbines is able to satisfy the amount of energy needed for the energy consumption not only of private homes and offices, condominiums, farms, holiday farms, but also of tourist villages, camping sites, farms producing and processing agricultural products, small industrial or craft enterprises, public offices, schools, gyms, communities. In addition, small wind turbines require much lower wind speeds than larger wind turbines in order to operate, allowing them to be installed even in places that are not very windy.

A small wind turbine (or mini-wind turbine) is a wind turbine with a maximum height of 30 metres and a nominal power of less than 200 kW. The 60 kW turbines are the most widespread and cover about two thirds of Italian installations.

The installation of small wind turbines is particularly suitable in rural and decentralised areas, allowing energy supply without the construction of power lines, thus protecting the rural landscape and reducing visual and electromagnetic pollution.

The advantages of wind power

The main advantages of the small wind turbine can be summarised as follows:

  • The most obvious, compared to other renewable technologies, is obviously the minimum space occupied, which makes it particularly interesting for those who do not have large areas on the ground or on the roof, and for farms that do not want to take the land away from other uses;
  • Thanks to its relatively small size compared to large wind turbines, a small wind turbine system has a greater environmental compatibility from a landscape point of view, which makes it easier to integrate into the territory: as a consequence, generally speaking, under 60 kW of power, the plant is subject to a simplified authorisation procedure that only requires a Dichiarazione di Inizio Attività (DIA) (Declaration of Start of Activity), while beyond this power a Autorizzazione Unica (AU) (Single Authorisation) is required, even though the power threshold separating the standard procedure from the simplified one may vary from region to region;
  • It is highly profitable, if there is enough wind.

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