"The spreading of a culture of awareness must start with our children." L&L and its entire staff are committed to spreading and fostering awareness of the energies naturally available on our planet and organize didactic encounters and projects for schoolchildren.

We believe in a better world because we have faith in our children’s capacity to promote a different and natural energy system. Together with schools, we can do a lot: organized school trips to visit our plants and explain the energy cycle to the kids, fostering their awareness of the correct use of energy sources.

Laboratorio Lego Idroelettrico 2018-01 1

Here's some of our last educational projects

School trip to a windfarm and a mine in Tuscany

In 2016 and 2017 two school classes from our town asked us if we could open the doors of a wind farm during one of their schooltrips in Tuscany. Of course, we were delighted to do that. We had a great time guiding the kids to a tour which involved not only wind turbines, but also the largest deactivated european copper mine.

Lab with Lego to explain hydropower to primary school kids

We started 2018 with the opportunity to be part of the First Lego League day in Brescia, with a lab about hydropower. We challenged the kids to build some parts of a Lego hydroelectric plant on a "real" river. They had an amazing time playing with bricks and water!