L&L Group’s attention to renewable energy and measured, harmonious growth, with full respect for the environment, has resulted in the idea of enriching know-how and operations with the skills of a new company, 2L Società Agricola, committed to developing the path of sustainability.


2L Società Agricola seeks to play a fundamental role in local economies by combining innovation and efficiency with protection of the local environment and biodiversity. Founded in 2020, the company immediately assumed a strategic role in supporting advanced and sustainable biomethane production. Currently, the company manages over 150 hectares of fields, located at the heart of the campagna bresciana/in provincial di Brescia, and cultivated with triticale, sorghum, corn and wheat, 100 ha more in Brescia, in the municipality of Verolanuova, and a further 233 ha in Capriano del Colle, within the perimeter of the Monte Netto Regional Agricultural Park.

The land is managed according to the principles of Agriculture 4.0, that is, the use of advanced digital technologies that, in an interconnected and synergistic way, ensure that every production process responds to the demands of sustainability. Part of the sorghum and triticale crops are used to feed the Group’s anaerobic digestion plants for the production of biomethane, while another part is destined for the food market.