2L Societa Agricola

It’s the land that nurtures the man, not the industry

(Mauro Corona)


The L&L Group’s focus on renewable energy and “cultivating” its projects in a harmonious and environmentally friendly manner is further developed in the new company of the Group 2L Società Agricola. One of the latest brands to be launched in the L&L partnership, 2L Società Agricola has only just begun, but it clearly states its intention to continue with the development of sustainable projects.

To date 2L Società Agricola has acquired several plots of land:

  • in the territory of Verolanuova farmland of approx. 333,300 square metres;
  • in the territory of Capriano del Colle farmland of approx. 776,589 square metres.

The Group’s intention is to continue with this project with a future evolution in the short term, expanding the activities of 2L Società Agricola.