About Us


Lazzari & Lucchini S.p.A. was born, first of all, from a special encounter. From an exchange of visions, from the fusion of experiences and professional skills found and recognized on common ground: a great passion for the world of renewable energy, and the belief that the circular economy and sustainability are the main drivers of an approach that is now indispensable in contributing to the ecological transition that the planet increasingly needs.

It is from this common awareness that, in 2014, Anna Lazzari, with her extensive experience in the energy sector, and Imerio Lucchini, a building contractor from Brescia, joined forces to create a company specializing in the production of energy from sources already present in nature. To date, L&L manages 21 wind turbines, 5 hydroelectric power plants, and 6 biomethane for transport production plants.


How can we change the future? By working in the present, day after day. We need regenerative growth policies and an efficient and competitive but climate-neutral economy, which finally uncouples progress from the unsustainable exploitation of resources, and favours the circular economy. Imagining future scenarios is the effort we must make to understand the needs of our ecosystem over the coming decades. Our daily work is based on research and the continuous development of solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of processes and safeguard ecosystems, and on dialogue and collaboration with employees, private companies, public administrations, banks, trade associations, and local communities.


Sustainable development is the heart of our mission, and of all the companies that are part of the Group today. Technological progress can no longer ignore the duty of respecting nature and protecting the context within which humans live, carry out activities, and establish social ties and economic relations. On a daily basis, L&L works to draw the attention of public opinion to the extreme necessity of using renewable sources, looking at a new growth model, within which the financial success of companies is closely linked to their ecological and social performance.


Our Code of Ethics, aimed at directors, employees and all those who collaborate and operate in the name and on behalf of the Group, represents our guide to socially responsible behaviour that is respectful of and in harmony with the environment, people, and local communities and institutions.